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                WASHING EQUIPMENT
                RECYCLE MACHINE
                ABOUT US

                Guangzhou Panyu Qiangye Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. It is a key backbone enterprise of washing and environmental protection machinery industry. The company covers an area of 88888 square meters, the building area of 6666 square meters, the existing assets of 1.2 billion yuan, the company's current number of registered staff is: 100, including staff with college or above education: 15 people, professional research and development personnel: 5 people. Sales revenue in 2015 was 180 million, and sales revenue in 2016 was 200 million, up 9% from the same period last year. After 25 years of arduous, high speed and steady development. The company's manufacturing workshop has 50 sets of advanced machinery production equipment to meet the development and manufacture of various mechanical products production, testing conditions. Our company is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates product design, manufacture, sales and service. Our products rank first in the washing equipment industry in China. We have a high market share at home and abroad, and have won a good reputation in the domestic and foreign industries.

                Since its establishment, the company has received many awards and honors. Every year, the company is recognized by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce as a "contract-abiding, trustworthy" unit, through the ISO 9001 certification, CE certification, 6 patent technical certificates. The company has always been in accordance with the rules and regulations, strict management...

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                Guangzhou Panyu Qiangye Machinery Co., Ltd founded in 1992. is the washing. the key leadinenterpnse of environmental protection machinery industry. The company covers an area of 88888square meters, construction area of 6666 square meters,........